What’s New with Auswood

Well it’s been a long time since I have written anything on our blog.

We have been very busy travelling around the country showing off our Wearable Art. We have had 3 trips to Canberra to be part of the Handmade Market held 4 times a year. We have changed timber suppliers as well and have introduced many new and rare timber to our range.

Thanks to the invaluable help of our Timber man ( Trevor ) our display and range have really come on in leaps and bounds. We had the pleasure of participating in the Maleny wood festival in May this year and received glowing comments and I featured on Radio to tell our story.

We have been on TV a couple of times during the year and also a double page in the Sunshine Coast Daily paper.

Mrs Bow Tie has almost mastered the web site so we’re going to have new photos almost every week, we now do 3 Markets a week as we have added the Riverside Botanical Market on a Sunday in the heart of Brisbane.

Well that’s it for this Blog and I will be writing to you every week from now on and STUFF comes up with our business you will be the first to know


Mr Bow Tie

Clocks and More

I was looking around the Phillip’s Workshop the other day and realised that we had a lot of large interesting pieces of Camphor Laurel and wondered if there was something that I could do with them. Why not clean them up and sand them to make Fantastic clocks from them. So off to Bunnings to get a Whole Saw and some other bits and pieces. After nearly an hour of sanding and  drilling my first clock was ready for Adrienne to polyurethane, the result was STUNNING and a beautiful piece of timber bought to life rather than going to land fill. So far I have made 3 which you can see here. The next 2 that are almost ready will be sealed with Grape Seed Oil the effect is incredible.

At last we have been able to source some more Red Cedar and some glorious Dark Camphor   so Adrienne is busy cutting out old and new shapes in both these fantastic timber.

We are attending a luncheon on Friday 10 th of August organised by the Red Cliffe Chamber of commerce with the guest speaker One of the stars of Shark Tank . 

Well thats was our last few weeks as per normal time is our enemy. 



I must admit I have been very tardy for a few weeks in completing my BLOG. Since the last blog at the beginning of the month we have been sending Wooden Bow Ties all over the world Sweden,USA  , Switzerland , England, Ireland ,Germany and just last week 6 Ties went to Christchurch Nz. Once in a while we are required ( by law ) to have some fun so the other day I ordered a life size cut of 

Mr Bow Tie it has certainly created a great deal of very funny comments from not only   customers but also other stall holders , so  Mr Bow Tie will be a feature at the markets from now on. Eumundi Market has been quite busy in spite of the cold weather we have been experiencing lately. Next week we are back to South Bank for The Young Designers Market, come down and see us and the look alike. See You There


We love Wednesday

Another day at Fabulous Eumundi Market, it’s been a busy time for Mr & Mrs Bow Tie after a huge day at Young Designers Market on Sunday . We again had ties go almost around the World ,Germany , France, USA and New Zealand.

Our Bow Ties have admired by hundreds of people were ever we go , we find this very encouraging and it means a great deal to us and spurs us on .

Once every so often a true Celebrity walks past , This happened on Sunday with  

Maos Favourite Dancer  , Li Cunxin he stopped at the Stall what a thrill to meet and talk to this incredible man. 


Have a great day  

Eumundi Saturday

We have finally warned up on the drive up in the dark this morning the temperature ranged between 7/9 degrees , a balmy 8 on our arrival. We had a quiet day on Wednesday but still needed to make some more stock ready for the Young Designers Market tomorrow.

We decided to redo the display boards as the Ties seemed to disappear on the timber grain so out came the FLAT black and what a difference it has made , what do you think? 


Fantastic Wednesday


The first day for the new coloured boards they really show up the incredible grains of the WEARABLE ART. We love the all wood grain look for our stall.

Our new Ties are starting to create comments from our customers. Last Saturday we had 3 couples come back after purchasing from us some time ago which we are thrilled about. More Ties were sent over seas 2 off to the USA  2 to England and 1 to our home town of Christchurch.

 We will be at Eumundi Market on Saturday and then Young Designers Market on Sunday looking forward to seeing you. 

Saturday 26th

Wednesday was a red letter day for Auswood we had our first Tie go to the Chech Republic we are amazed at just how far our Ties travel. With the treatment that our wearable art receive they are able to go to every country in the World.  

Mrs Bow Tie has been very busy creating some more Wearable Art using recycled timber and some ribbon,these ties are another Fashion Statement with the opportunity to change the ribbon which will change the look all together. 

We are putting the finishing touches to our new natural timber key rings they will be ready to go in time for Young Designers Market in 10 days time.



Eumundi Market

Another chilly morning greeted us  at Eumundi Market but as per the manual it’s now fine and warm.

Saturday saw 4 assorted wooden Bow Ties go to the USA all destined for 4 lucky grandchildren  . We are so happy that our Wearable Works Of Art are being seen and worn all around the world it’s very satisfying to us that we made them and people enjoy them. We have so many people come back to see us at our stall and tell us how much they love our Ties. 

We are committed to providing the best looking hand made Bow Ties in the country. The Ties are Totally Unquie and are the only Australian Wooden Ties available Wrldwide.



A selection of old shape and the new shape 


Good morning Saturday

Here we are at Eumundi Market for another brilliant day of showing our Wearable Art to the world. 

Mrs Bow Tie and me”Tie Guy “have had a busy couple of days after Wednesday when we sold bow ties to Germany and two lots of ties to the USA. One tie went to New York and another 2 went to North Carolina they sure get around.

 We are undertaking a change to our stall set up by introducing darker display boards which we feel will enhance the look of the Fantastic Wooden Bow Ties  . Looking forward to seeing the changes as they progress.



Eumundi Market

Good morning, we have arrived in Eumundi after a small hic-Cup with a flat tyre in the Tie Mobele at 0455 this morning a quick trip to put some air in and away we go. Decided to get the tyre fixed in Noosa so as we don’t have an issue on the way home.

Saturday we sold some of our Wearable Art to France, USA, Germany so again we are covering the world and during this week we received orders for Sydney and Melbourne so both those were dispatched by Aussie Post we hope the lucky recipients will be happy with the Ties  

Mrs Bow Tie has very busy creating our new look Ties with cloth highlights we do hope you will enjoy them. We will be applying for the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne and Brisbane later in the year. 

See you  


One Sunny Saturday

Well here we are at Fantastic Eumundi Market on such a beautiful day very chilly start around 9degs at 0600. During the week we have created a couple of new Wooden Works Of Wearable Art. After a visit to our wood man on Wednesday we went home with some Australia Red Cedar what a beautiful timber it is.  So before Phillip left for NSW he cut out the  Cedar and we are really happy with the results.

 I also have been playing around with the bandsaw and made a SQUARE bow tie just a bit of fun and it helps to restock our $30 basket that also contains several 100% recycled timber from Bunnings saw bin. 




Square Bow. 


The brand new Red Cedar  

Market Day Eumundi

What a great day at Young Designers Market on Sunday,magic weather and a very good crowd of people. The little van was a Huge hit again with people taking photos of it on its own and then with people standing and in one case lying over the bonnet like a vogue model. Several of our Ties again left the country for USA, England, New Zealand and a couple found their way to Melbourne and Sydney.

One thing we have learned is that the Ties are eatable, our baby greyhound Faye took a diffinite liking to 3 of them that we had left to low down and she decided that if she couldn’t help us make them she would like them for lunch the other day.

Phillip the “bandsaw king “leaves this Saturday for Wolgan   so Mrs Bow Tie and the Tie Guy will have to do some more work.

See you soon  


Young Designers Markets

The first Sunday of every month we become 

YOUNG DESIGNERS and make our way to fantastic South Bank for a magic market. 

Today there are 76 stalls all of which make all there own products. We always enjoy the Young Designers Market it’s very relaxed and extremely friendly , we arrive at 0730 and all set up ready to go by 0800 and trade all day until 1600.

We are fortunate enough to be able to have little van right along side us so our profile is right up there. Yesterday was a good day at Eumundi Market with Ties going to USA,Germany and Ireland.

 We are looking forward to having a great day at South Bank. 



Sunny Eumundi

What a fantastic day it’s sunny and warm here in Eumundi. Today is our first really fine sunny start so any day is a Bow Tie day. During the week we have started to produce some Wooden Key Rings to go with the Wearable Art we hand make. 

Wednesday was a another export day with Ties going to Germany, France,Japan and home here to Melbourne so our overseas customers are still here and are loving our WOODEN BOW TIES. 

We have found at home some PINE which is by no means Plain  the wood had fallen behind the work bench and I think you will agree that the grain is unbelievable please see picture below. 

Sunday is Young Designers Market in Brisbane, looking forward to seeing you  


If it’s Wednesday this is Eumundi Market

Another week rolls around and we are back at the FANTASTIC Eumundi Market. It’s been a big week for the Bow Tie family making more works of art for our decerning customers. We have been so successful in premoting the Wooden Revolution that we have decided to make small Wooden Key rings to complement our Ties. We have been using OFF cuts from the Ties so now we have virtually nil waste which is really good.

Our bandsaw principal operator Phillip has been given a new start date for his job so he leaves Brisbane in 10 days time we are going to miss his expertise not only his skill with the bandsaw but his computer knowledge has been a very big part of our success. 

Adrienne and I are now on a step learning curve to catch up with some of his knowledge. We are very proud of what Phillip has done for Auswood.

This weekend is the Young Designers Market at South Bank on Sunday and the weather is going to be fine. 


Today is the day

1st of May Today is the day 2 years ago we introduced the AUSWOOD BOW TIE to the WORLD. Since then our hand crafted wearable art has made its way literally around the globe even to the Antarctic. We are so proud of our product and with the incredible feedback we receive from our customers this 2 year just seems like yesterday. 

We are now at the fantastic Eumundi Market every Wednesday and Saturday and on the first Sunday of each month you will find us at The Young Designers Market in SouthBank showing off our incredible range of Wooden Bow Ties. 

We really are looking forward to the next 2 years  as we have met the nicest of people and have made some great friends and of course we have made YOU the Customers take that small step to be different and have some fun. 

Thanks to everybody who has been on this journey with Adrienne, Dave, Phillip, Kimberley and our chief model Dan. 

Cheers from the BOW TIE GUYS  




first day at Redcliffe jetty Market 

Happy Birthday

2 years ago we started our journey with our Wearable Art at Redcliffe Jetty Market. 

 We have come along way since that Sunday we had 2 display boards and 25 Ties, a banner at the back of a rented tent.  

Moving on we now have 7 display boards and 125 Ties 3 different styles , 6 different timber types and over 2300 ties have found their way to all parts of the world and around Australia. We continue to grow our Family business weekly. 

On Wednesday we were fortunate enough send WOODEN BOW TIES to Japan, USA, England and a couple to Brisbane. 


Lest we forget

Anzac Day dawned fine and cool at Eumundi Market. A street parade is scheduled for 0800 . I have bought my fathers medals to the market today as a show of the love I have for him and all those guys and girls who have their lives for their country. Without these brave people were on earth would we be. 

We are fortunate to have our son Phillip for another couple of weeks as his start date has been put back 3 weeks, may Bow Ties will be made and I think we are going to visit Ron ( our timber man )  next week. 

On Saturday we had Bow Ties going to Tasmania,Houston Texas, France, Germany and the UK as well as good old Briscoe. Our new Ties are really getting some comments from our customers. 

Have a great day  



Mr & Mrs Bow Tie

Another brilliant day at Eumundi Market on Wednesday it saw more of our Wearable Art heading overseas,as a general rule 60% of our BOW TIES are purchased by overseas tourists . In the last month we have had ties go to Iceland, France, Bulgaria and believe it or not 2 Ties went to Antarctica. 

We tell all our customers that with the ribbon and hardware the total weight is 28 grams ready to wear.  

Sadly we are losing a most important part of our family business with our son and chief bandsaw operator taking up a full time job in NSW, Phillip will be sadly missed and without his work AUSWOOD would not be the leader in Wooden Bow Ties that we are now.  We wish him well, but we know that he will keep an eye on us.

As I mentioned in my last blog we have introduced a new LOOK Bow Tie of which we are very proud and are proving popular. 


Mr &  Mrs Bow Tie



Eumundi Market

Time has certainly not stood still for us in BOW TIE WORLD. We have done two Bridal Expos and of course the monthly trip to South Bank for the Young Designers Market on the first of every month. Whilst the quiet period was on we have been very busy refining our BOW TIES and have introduced some new shapes and some BOW TIES that feature ribbon in the middle of the BOW TIE to form the knot. We will add different styles and shapes as we grow. We have also produced a Photo Book for our customers to look at featuring BOW TIES being worn by their proud owners, again we are going to add to this book as YOU send us photos.

Our little van which is all sign written is turning heads wherever we go. 



1989 Nissan S Cargo

1989 Nissan S Cargo