Australian Handmade Wooden Bowties


Our Story

Back in 1990, we developed the idea of a wooden bow tie with a Frenchman named Christian Worth, who was living in Japan at the time. Using recycled Rimu timber from around New Zealand, we produced the very first handmade wooden bow ties. We supplied Christian with the bow ties for well over a year until the pressures of raising a young family got in the way and we ceased production.

Twenty six years on, the children are all grown up, and on our daughters wedding day, we arrived at the ceremony to find her husband to be, Dan, wearing one of the original bow ties as a surprise for us.

He had found it in a set of draws we had left behind when moving to Australia. Dan has very keen sense of fashion and teamed with a brown belt and shoes, he looked very on trend.  Throughout the rest of the reception there were a lot of very positive comments over his choice of neck-wear, which sparked the idea for revisiting our old business once again.

Now in 2018 we are back in the full swing of production, making an even bigger range of wooden bow ties, using all Australia woods and loving it.

 We invite you to join us in the WOODEN BOW TIE REVOLUTION!

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